Do you care about being friendly to the earth? Do you care about preserving the earth’s resources? Do you believe that producers should be paid a fair and living wage for the goods that they make? Do you want to learn more about sustainable and fair trade products?

So do we!

We invite you to explore our site and learn about our mission and products. We are happy to be able to provide you with a fashion line of high-quality products that are ethically produced and earth-friendly.

FAIR EARTH is a socially conscious and earth-friendly company that produces and markets high quality FAIR TRADE merchandise from East Africa. Our designs blend contemporary style with ethnic flair, and are produced by local artisans with sustainable local materials. We abide by Fair Trade principles by paying artisans a living wage and maintaining consistent relationships with them. We are working towards a sustainable, poverty-free world.

Fair Earth is dedicated to advocating fairness and equity in the consumer market, producing high quality products, and putting people first.
We do this by

  • Providing a sustainable income for talented and hard-working artisans by promoting the production and distribution of their art.
  • Maintaining a strong commitment to Fair Trade principles in all of our dealings with artisans and their products.
  • Providing customers with both authentic and quality-made artifacts as well as an opportunity to directly support African artisans.
  • Encouraging art-making as a vehicle of communication, community empowerment, and relationship building.

Fair trade is a growing international movement ensuring that buyers and producers engage in ethical trade relationships that allow both parties to celebrate their human dignity.

Fair Trade encompasses a range of goods from agricultural products to art work to clothing and household items. At Fair Earth we deal primarily with jewelry, accessories, baskets, and home accessories.

Today’s profit-ruled global economy favors large corporations over small-scale producers, making it very difficult for individual farmers, artisans, and skilled laborers to make a living off their trade. Unfortunately current trade laws do not seem to discourage mass exploitation of skilled laborers by multi-national corporations. Fair trade attempts to remedy some of the injustices propounded by free trade by focusing on trading with poor and marginalized producer groups, helping them develop skills and sustainable livelihoods through trading relationships.

“Fair” means that producers receive

  • A price for their goods that covers the cost of production and guarantees a sustainable living.
  • Long term contracts with buyers to provide business security in a shifting worldwide market which tends to favor multi-national corporations and mass producers over small-scale family-based businesses.
  • Entrepreneurial development and skills training to increase knowledge, business development, and sales.

We are dedicated to doing our part to address underlying causes of poverty and hunger by developing fair trade relationships with artisans in the developing world and providing opportunities for people in the United States to practice their power to purchase by supporting fair trade. Monumental changes happen when individuals come together in making life-style choices that benefit the greater cause of our global community.

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